Massage creates space for change, helping you to prioritise and maintain your own health whilst assisting your body's own natural healing process. 

In so many ways, massage is preventative healthcare - regular and structured treatment helps you to live a proactively healthier life by helping you be more in tune with your own body.

Massage Therapy is an effective and adaptable treatment which can also help with:

  • ​Muscular tension which can lead to spasms, pain and reduced mobility.

  • Injury Prevention - pliable, flexible muscles are less prone to injury.

  • Injury rehabilitation - careful soft tissue release and joint mobilisation result in a faster speed of recovery.

  • Pre and post event treatment - an integral part of the fitness regime for any athlete, whether amateur or professional.

  • Stress, tension and anxiety, which can result in a poor immune system and low mood.

  • ​Management of chronic pain conditions



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